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When I started making jewelry, I was fortunate enough to have a friend show me how to do some simple wire-wrapping. Everything else, I learned with video and step-by-step blog posts. Unfortunately, the majority of these posts would stop at step ten and tell me to go back and repeat steps. I found this a little frustrating, as I am a very visual learner.

Here is my step-by-step guide to making a wire wrapped bead link.

step one:

Step one: Begin with a flush-cut length of wire at least 4 inches long.

Step two:

Grasp the wire with round nose pliers about 1 inch from one end, with the short end facing upward.

Step three:

Bend the wire away from you.

Step four:

Adjust grip a quarter turn counter-clockwise.

Step five:

Bend short end wire back.

Step six:

Continue bending the wire back over the round nose pliers with the short end behind the long end.

Step seven:

Wrap shorter wire around longer wire two times creating a coil.

Step eight: