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Kiln-firing Enamel Jewelry

Last September, I took an enameling class at the Tacoma Metal Arts Center, and I loved it! This class covered enamel application basics such as how to apply enamel to a copper base and the use of various simple techniques to create colorful patterns. Enameling is a great way to incorporate color into your jewelry.

I learned how to add contrast and impact using different techniques. The instructor also demonstrated various effects in enameling such as line application, stencils and graphite. All the students were able to leave the class with a few pieces ready to wear as jewelry.

Once the class was finished, I knew this was something I really really wanted to incorporate into my work. And while it hasn't been easy -- I've learned a lot -- its been completely worth it!

Here is a time lapse video of how I do it:

Thanks for watching!

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